Bamboo Blinds

Natural Bamboo Blinds have been prepared from a superior quality of Bamboo which has been knitted perfectly with cord. All the designs have been crafted very elegantly, which gives a beautiful look & efficient sun control as well.

The range of designs and shades will not only perfectly sync with your interior but also enhance the overall charm of the living space. We supply bamboo blinds in natural, varnished or painted as per the needs.


Arecanut Wood


The Areca palm (Areca catechu), which grows in Southeast and South Asia, and parts of east Africa, its one of hardwood palm which gives a excellent property of a strong wooden blinds.

It can be supplied natural, wooden varnished or painted in any colors.




Cane blinds come under the category or roller blinds, which fits in any rooms or offices for its round slender shape.

The blinds are of light weight, which is good for small windows of homes , hotels, resort and spas.

We provide the cane blinds in natural hand weaved which can last decades under proper caring.

Its one of the best shade blinds.

Vetiver Herbal


Vetiver is an exciting lemongrass-like plant, which roots smells like perfume.

We make the Vetiver roots in two models one is which blended with Bamboo and other is whole Vetiver blinds.

The aroma of Vetiver make it perfect blinds for Air-conditioned rooms, massage spas etc.





These are machine-weaved blinds from Cane , Bamboo or Wood.. which is also mixed with these three. Its perfect and trendy blinds which is suited to any wall colors or offices.


* Email Us  with your Size, Color and Measurements.