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Cloth Curtain


We have wide range of cloth curtains,

Cloth curtains are always suited in any style homes, for door or window curtains, according to the color of the wall or even the flooring designs.

Email us for the designs and clothing styles.

Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds add a new dimension to the home or office interiors, they are versatile, low maintenance and give you the ability to control privacy and light. Vertical window shades can be designed to add character or compliment a sophisticated subtle design in any interior décor.

Wood Venetian Blinds


The Wooden Venetian blinds, also called Ailanto blinds are blinds specially designed from seasoned wood. These can withstand weather changes and remain sturdy through all seasons. Our blinds comes in natural styles and has eye catching colors that will bring warmth to your home decor.

Email Us for the Designs, colors and the model Available for Cloth, Venetian, Vertical, Wood Blinds and Bamboo shades.

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