Coir Mats



Coconut fibre, otherwise known as the Golden Fibre is extracted from the outer husk of the coconut fruit. Coconut husks are scientifically bundled to large formations and are immersed in predetermined locations in Saline or fresh water for 8-10 months. This process is called Retting.
The retted husks are then taken out of the water and beaten with a wooden mallet to extract the fibre from the decomposed husk. Of late, this process is also mechanized to a large extent.
The fine golden fibre thus extracted is spun on traditional as well as mechanized 'Ratts' to make yarns.

Coir Mats are made on handlooms, power looms or frames and with
or without brush. Creel Mats are known for its thin brush. Rod Mats
for thick brush and Fibre Mats for compact brush. Latex/rubber
backing makes the mats non-slip. Available with woven or stenciled
designs and bevelled patterns for use in interior or exterior door fronts.

Coir Door mats are eco-friendly as they are made out of coir fiber which is extracted from the outer husks of a coconut. This thick and strong coir fiber gives the coir mats its most desirable features of durability, functionality and longevity. Premium Coco Matting is made from the finest quality coir fiber. These mats are extremely durable and long lasting and easily brush dirt off shoes.

Coir Rope Mats

Hollander Mats

Coir Fibre Mats

The mats are made out of coir rope and they come in square and oval shape.

These mats are made on special frames and the patterns are produced by the weft yarn coco ropes are used as the warp end this produces the ripped effect warp available- Natural, leech-dyed or in combination. 

Coir Mats are made on handlooms, power looms or frames and with
or without brush.Latex/rubber
backing makes the mats non-slip. Available with woven or stenciled
designs and bevelled patterns.

Coco Rubber Molded Mats

These tough work horses are made by molding coir mats with natural rubber. These mats are eco friendly and have an anti-skid rubber backing available. In range of designs in standard as well as custom size. 

Carnatic Mats

Warp, tight, chain, jute, slack, coir.coir available on a natural and bleached base.

Sinnet Mats

A heavy duty work horse of a mat that lasts a life time made out of coir and rope specially designed boards-available in rectangular and half moon shapes-in solid color.

Scrapper Wire Mats

It is also durable and made with high quality fiber, that wrapped to wire.

Coir Tiles

Coir Creel Mats

We have Coir tiles in various colours, that can be laid and removed easily for installation or cleaning purpose and the back side of the tiles is coated with rubber for extra grip and stiffness, Available in 12x12, 18x18, 24x24 inches.

Creel mats are manufactured both on handlooms and powerlooms. They are specially noted for their low pile height. The yarn for the pile structure is released from the beam in the course of the weaving process.

Coir Rubberized Mats

Rubberized mats are one of the most commonly used mats in most every places, its bristle coir is fixed into high quality natural black rubber latex, that gives it high tensile strength and anti slippery property. Its some what resistant to moisture and almost any weather, It can be supplied in long rolls according to the measurement or can be cut into ant shapes according to your room or door steps. And we can also print any logo, names or designs into these mats that make then best quality personalized mats.

Personalized Mats

We can make mats personalized just for you in any size , shape with your specific logos, name or symbols.

Personalized doormats allow our customers to express themselves the way they want to. Door mats for an entrance is the first step to create an impression of yourself and you would want to put your best foot forward. 

Coir Mats are eco friendly door mats as they are made from natural coir fibres which are extracted from the outer shell of coconut and is known for its durability, strength and water absorption. These coir door mats are effective at capturing dirt and mud right at the doorstep and is well-known for its scratching prowess as they are very effective at scrubbing dirt from shoes. Their tough strands holds down the dirt and prevents other shoes from picking it up again keeping entrances clean from mud, dirt and grime.

Coir mats can withstand all types of weather conditions and one of the few natural mats to endure salt water damage. Coir has a wide variety of coir mats like classic coir mats, inspirational doormats, funny coir mats, french theme coir mats, Christmas coir mats, nautical coir mats, and french theme coir mats. Hence, these doormats are an ideal choice for all types of commercial, industrial and residential entrances and perfect for all types of use.


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