Sisal is a super tough, environmentally friendly fibre that is fashionable, hardwearing and practical. Sisal carpets and rugs are stylish, chic and durable; a perfect choice for high traffic areas where good looks and practicality are desirable.

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World of Sisal.

Sisal carpet is an excellent choice for stairs, as the coarse fibre allows the friction to form a firm grip. Add a contrasting border for stairs and hallways and transform a plain sisal carpet to a stunning new look for your home. Why not custom design your own Sisal rug as these can be made in any length and any width up to 4m. Don’t forget to add that contrasting border to complete a unique look for your home.


We have a great selection of Sisal Carpets and Rugs in a huge choice of designs and colors; so there is bound to be one that is perfect for your home.

Area rugs in heavy traffic areas

Steps and hallways

Wall Carpets

Benefits of sisal carpeting

  • Natural fiber and eco-friendly

  • Naturally  stain resistant

  • Sisal doesn’t trap dust or allergens

  • Heavy duty, durable and good for heavy traffic areas

  • Does not build up static electricity

  • Won’t compress or show wear patterns like a typical wall to wall carpet

  • Neutral colored, so sisal carpet goes with most furniture, decors, and paint colors.  Tends to appeal to those with more sophisticated tastes and styles.

  • Absorbs sound well – the molecular structure of sisal is dense and absorbs sound better than other types of carpets.


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